Menu of the Week: Meal Plan Monday and Gluten Free Menu Swap

Vegan Mexican Chipotle Pizza

Corn flour pizza with slow roasted tomato nut-free,dairy-free pesto and chipotle salsa topped with corn kernels, pine nuts and avocado

As always, I love posting my menus with the others over at Org Junkie. And this week Gluten Free Mommy is hosting the gluten free menu swap. This week the theme ingredient is CABBAGE. Yay!

Monday: Korean
Vegetarian Bibimbap (bibbinba in Japanese)
with konbu sesame soup

Wednesday: Mexican
Black Bean Soup

Thursday: Thai
Thai Summer Rolls with cabbage and peanut sauce

Friday: Japanese
Vegetarian Takoyaki (technically tofu-pup yaki, but you’ll see)
with vegetarian okonomiyaki sauce and mayo garnished with ao nori

Saturday: American
Southern Fried Tofu
Biscuits and Vegetarian Gravy
With braised red chard
and Coleslaw (made of course from scratch with cabbage!)

Baked Good of the week:
Naomi’s gluten-free Sweet potato Pita Bread

This week I posted an
Vegan dairy free egg-free pumpkin layer cheesecake recipe
and a long awaited Meme with 7 weird facts about ME

Soon I’ll be posting a review of the Triumph Dining Guide and a recipe for yummy summer GF macaroni salad, among other things.

And- as promised, this week we’re back to the dressing of the week with a kabocha pumpkin salad in a tangy apple vinegar vinaigrette. Enjoy!

Kabocha Salad in Vinaigrette recipe
1/2 of a kabocha pumpkin
thinly sliced onion, to taste (1/4 small onion or less)
dab of grated garlic
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp olive oil
1/4 tsp salt
pepper, white pepper preferable but anything ok
Thinly slice your onion and soak in water for 10-20 minutes. Then drain and squeeze dry. Cut your kabocha in half and scoop out the seeds. Then steam it until fork tender. Or, microwave.

Whisk your oil, vinegar, and seasonings including garlic. together, combine and mix with kabocha and onions. Enjoy!

DH doesn’t like kabocha, alas. But, I thought it was good.

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4 Responses to “Menu of the Week: Meal Plan Monday and Gluten Free Menu Swap”

  1. That pizza looks amazing – great and imaginative flavor combo.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I responded there.

    Your menu plan looks great – I love Bibimbap & pretty much all Asian food. I will have to try the pumpkin recipe, too!

  3. Wow, Super Sea:

    Gorgeous new look to your site. You just keep getting better and better, and I see you are keeping up your huge output of delicious food. That pizza really appeals to me, with its hint of Japanese toppings, especially the corn.

    I’m in town visiting for a few days so I’ll have an oven and I know the first thing I want to make is that pizza. I haven’t put up any recipes since I got back here since I’ve been on the move but I did make a gorgeous rice flour paratha recently and I’ll put up the recipe this week.

    Anyway, hi from Nova Scotia. We finally have spring here; guess you are well into summer in California? Are you growing those heirloom tomatoes again this year?


  4. Yum! Looks like a great menu and a great week, especially the Thai Summer Rolls . . . yum!


    PS – I highly recommend “Nourishing Traditions,” it follows closely to my mind-set of eating fresh, local, real food, and you might like parts of it, but I warn you, it is very not vegetarian or vegan in any way. And she’s kind of vocal about it. BUT, it is a great book with great information and you might find a lot of good recipes and information, especially when it comes to grains, legumes, veggies and fruits . . . I encourage you to look it over with an open mind and glean from it what you will! Good luck!

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