Menu of the Week: Menu Plan Monday and Gluten Free Menu Swap

friedpakora.jpgThis week’s Gluten-free Menu Swap is hosted by Gluten-Free Sox and she has selected GARLIC as the star of the show. Excellent! Vampires and colds, beware! And of course, Menu Plan Monday continues to be hosted by OrgJunkie.

This Week’s Menu

Monday: Vegetarian
Chebe Dough VEGAN Quiche (Inspired by a booth at the farmer’s market…)
Slow Cooked Southern Style Greens (Ok, i decided to put the greens IN the quiche instead. My bad.)

Tuesday: Italian
Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Lasagna (with homemade pasta)- Dairy and Vegan Style
(I’m picking up the torch from Ginger Lemon Girl)

Wednesday: American
Cream of Leek Potato Soup
Homemade rolls
Salad with tofu crisps and croutons with balsamic vinaigrette

mpm5bmp.jpgFriday: Mexican
Corn based Sopes tarts
Slow cooked epazote infused beans
pico de gallo with salad

Saturday: Celiac Bay Area Dinner at my house with meal of “holiday favorites“. Want to come? ;)
Menu to follow…

Last week I actually followed through on my menu plan, so you can look forward to the following future posts:
A Gluten-Free English Tea Party: Rebecca Reilly Cranberry scones Recipe Review and Recipe for Devonshire cream
Gluten-Free Travel in Europe: Making Gluten-Free Plans in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Austria
Eat your Veggies: New Roasted Broccoli Recipe and Delicious Chickpea salad Recipe
Gluten Free Chinese Food: Easy gluten-free Vegetarian Potsticker Recipe and GF Vegetarian Egg Roll Recipe


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9 Responses to “Menu of the Week: Menu Plan Monday and Gluten Free Menu Swap”

  1. A week’s worth of recipes?! Love it! Thanks so much – this is fabulous.

    If you have time, be sure to stop by my blog on the wheat-free, dairy-free and low sugar life at: I’ve got a dinner/dessert recipe up for this week’s blog. Feel free to post a comment with your link.

    Happy eating!
    Heather :)

  2. we had pumpkin lasagna a few weeks ago and it was delicious!! What a delicious meal plan this week!!

  3. this sounds delicious. I like your theme days. I would love to have the time to make fresh pasta. I’ve even given away my pasta machine because I couldn’t imagine ever using it again.
    The nut roast recipe is delicious and I don’t really think it matters what nuts you use. I once substituted ground almonds just to make up the amount. With all the seasonings you don’t taste the nuts much anyway.

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  5. That leek potato soup sounds yummy! :) Have a wonderful week!

  6. Darn it. I started craving greens when I saw that you’re having them, and of course I don’t have the ingredients. I’m going to have to have that eggroll recipe too=) John’s been bugging me to make them after I told him about Kate’s spring rolls.

  7. Hi Heather! I stopped by your blog, hope you saw the comment. :)

    Hi Miles! Always nice to see you. I can’t wait for my pumpkin lasagna!

    Hi Kate! Thank you. You know, I’m thinking I’ll try rolling the pasta by hand this time. It sounds more time consuming, but you know, I think I spend most of my time fighting with the pasta machine rather than the pasta itself and I think I’ll save time. Almonds, perfect. I’ll try it!

    Hi Natalie- yes, it’s seeming like creamy soup season, somehow. That and DH had some at the pub this weekend and I was jealous. heh heh.

    Mary- I feel so good when I eat greens… they’re the best. I’m working on tweaking the eggroll recipe. I have the technique down, just need to get a killer filling recipe. The one I had was so-so. (But my potsticker filling was delicious!)

    Yay! Visitors! Happy dance, happy dance.

  8. OO, i am so excited about the potstickers! I miss them so! I have also decided to gift my pasta machine to a friend and ask for a new one for christmas, so i can try your pasta recipes without hesitation :)

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