Vegetarian Rice Quinoa Vegetable Sushi Recipe

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January 29th, 2013 yum    Print This Post      3 Comments
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Lately I’ve been making a lot of white rice with quinoa for Kid Yum’s bentos. It has the flavor of white rice that she prefers, with some of the nutrition of quinoa that I prefer, and yet sticks together nicely at lunch time. Today I got home with Kid Yum after picking her up from her Japanese language school and I had some rice still hot in the rice cooker from the morning. I had been craving sushi, so I thought I’d whip up some vegetarian sushi. I also made Kid Yum some tuna mayo sushi but it turned out she preferred plain avocado! Craziness. Anyway, for those who pause over serving just plain white rice sushi but prefer the flavor over brown rice sushi, you can try this unusual combo. We love it, especially with a healthy dash of sesame seeds on top and a splash of soy sauce.

Here’s a sample bento using this rice-quinoa mixture for “onigiri” with lettuce tops designed to look like strawberries to match the strawberry bento box. I included raw cauliflower and Kid Yum’s favorite tamagoyaki recipe. (I cut the recipe in half and use two eggs.)

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Rice-Quinoa blended Veggie Sushi
2 1/2 RICE COOKER cups white sushi rice
1/2 RICE COOKER cups quinoa (I used red but regular is fine too)

4 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tbsp mirin or MORE rice vinegar (will make less sweet)
3 tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt

Nori sheets
Avocado, cut into thick strips
cucumber, cut into thin strips

Black sesame (or brown if you prefer)

Put your white sushi rice and quinoa in a rice strainer and rinse multiple times until the water is no longer cloudy. Put in your rice cooker and add water up to the 3 cup mark. Start rice cooker.

Next, combine your rice vinegar, mirin, sugar and salt in a small saucepan and bring to a boil on the stove, whisking. When all the powder has dissolved, remove off stove and let cool.

When rice-quinoa blend is done cooking and on the warm setting, remove it and put it in a large glass bowl. Drizzle and fold in your rice vinegar mixture while fluffing the rice to cool it. You can fan the rice if you are really excited about cooling it off. Do not put in freezer or refrigerator as this will harden the rice, but let it come to temperature naturally.

Prepare a bamboo rolling sheet and place one sheet of nori on it with the shiny side facing down. Cover 4/5 of the surface with your cooled rice leaving the top 1/2 inch bare. Place a strip of avocado in a horizontal line in the middle of your rice surface and roll up your sushi. Use a dab of water to seal the rolled edge together. Let it sit on the seam for a minute and then slice into rolls with a serrated or very sharp knife. Sprinkle with sesame seeds if you desire and serve with a gluten-free soy sauce or coconut aminos (for soy allergy). Enjoy!

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Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger January Roundup 2013

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January 27th, 2013 yum    Print This Post      1 Comment
Posted in Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger | Gluten Free Recipes

I adopted Cybele Pascal of the blog of the same name and made her pumpkin sunbutter soup to raves from my dairy-allergic mother and kid, too. I also made her vegan chocolate chunk blondies.

Vegan Pumpkin Sunbutter Soup
Gluten-free Vegan chocolate chip blondies

Cheryl of Gluten-free Goodness adopted Kate of Eat, Recycle, Repeat and made her Sweet Potato Spread that makes me hungry just looking at the picture. Apparently Cheryl had her heart set on making sweet potato truffles and then swore off chocolate. She said “I looked through the recipes, a few others caught my eyes … And then I saw it…Sweet potato puddin spread. With chestnuts! And I adore chestnuts… I made it with Macadamia cream rather than coconut milk because that’s what I had on hand. It was delicious!” I’m sold.

Sweet Potato Spread

Shannon L. Brown adopted Shirley of Gluten-free Easily and made her big and rich brownies! She said, “For the adoption, I made her Big and Rich Brownies. They’ve been on my must-try list for a long time… I made the recipe with Better Batter and the result is a dense, chocolatey brownie which received husband approval.” She also mentions that when you spend time reading Shirley’s blog “you feel like you’ve found a friend.” I’ve met Shirley several times and I can attest that she gives you the same feeling in person. Shirley’s a great blogger and a great lady.

Big and Rich gluten-free Brownies

This month hit our family very hard with illness, and I’m sorry to say it delayed my own adoption post and my roundup. But I’m determined to keep our little event going and I hope you will hang in there with me for the next edition next month. Signups will open on the first. Hope to see you there!

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