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Putting Glutino to the Test

Posted By yum On April 28, 2007 @ 5:48 pm In Dessert, Gluten Free Product Review, Glutino | 3 Comments

crackers.jpgA few days ago I went to my local Nob Hill Supermarket [1] and noticed that they had put many of their specialty gluten free items on sale. Since they carry quite a few things that I haven’t tried yet, I finally broke down and put some of them in my shopping cart. Most were by the international company Glutino, which makes what is currently my favorite cracker- the ritz like shaped cracker. The discounted price was still around $3 for a box, which is no bargain considering how few cookies there are in the box. But, sometimes I just want to know what’s out there, in case I’m missing something. One thing I tried that made me realize I absolutely WASN’T missing anything was Glutino’s honey nut cereal. I tried their apple cinnamon cereal previously, and didn’t care for it, but I thought it was because I am no huge fan of apple flavoring or cinnamon. The honey nut cereal was very bland, and I couldn’t really taste either nuts or honey. Actually, it gave me the urge to pour sugar on it, which is funny because I’ve never put sugar on cereal in my life. For a healthy cereal, I would turn towards the flavorful Mesa Sunrise and skip Glutino’s bland version of Cheerios.

[2] One of the other things I tried was their “shortcake dreams” cookie, which were attractive little cream cookies that certainly looked tasty. Unfortunately, when I popped one in my mouth, it tasted more like a bland corn flour based cracker than cookie. I pawned one off on DH who reported that it “Certainly tasted gluten free, and not in a good way.” I have to agree. I’d give these cookies a 3/10. Their only positive feature was that they are wrapped in little individual packages so that you don’t have to eat the whole box at once. I plan to give them away.

vanilladream.jpg Happily, next I tried the Vanilla dreams square oreo type cookies. I thought these were excellent, and every bit as addictive as Kinnikinnick Ktoos Cookies. The filling is sweet and lemony, and nicely complimented by the crunchy cookies. I would give them an 8 or 9/10, and DH who actually liked them quite a bit would give them a 7/10. He is a glutenoid, after all. I can’t wait to buy more! I found myself adding them to my lunch as a dessert, and grabbing a pack here and there as a snack, so as you can imagine, they didn’t last long. Sniff. Like the others, they are wrapped in convenient little individual packages of two.

chocolatedream.jpg The next candidate for our taste test was the Chocolate dream version of the vanilla dream. It is probably quite subjective, but I preferred the vanilla dreams. DH on the other hand thought they were about the same in quality. I would give the chocolate dreams a 6 or 7/10 and DH would give them a 7/10. As he put it, they taste like slightly low quality gluten cookies. Not quite on par with Oreo, but like the store brand version. They were ok but I would probably not buy them again. Like the others, they are wrapped in convenient little individual packages of two.

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