Raspberry Gluten Free Crepe Recipe

crepe4.jpgcrepecls.jpgLast summer I found myself living in a weekly mansion (hotel/apartment) in Yokohama, Japan. I had decent cooking facilities, considering it was a hotel- a mini dorm fridge (a foot high at the most), one hot plate burner, a rice cooker, a sink, one cupboard for storing cooking supplies, and one shelf. There were no counters, so I used a desk for a table and food prep counter. It was an extremely small room, sometimes giving me the feeling that I was living in a shoe box, but it was efficient. Except for one rather alarming incident involving a pile of dishes, a knife, and the sink (I almost cut off my finger), I managed to create some pretty decent little meals in that kitchen. Unfortunately, the one thing absent from my apartment was an oven. As the weeks went by, I found myself starting to long for some kind of baked good. A gluten free muffin… a slice of gluten free toast… a gluten free cookie… anything. Unfortunately none of these things were available in any of the Japanese grocery stores. I started to do creative things with mochi (pounded rice cakes) and gluten free corn cereal that I had brought with me. But still, I was unsatisfied. Muffins were out of the realm of possibility, but some things like pancakes or crepes could be prepared in a pan. I only had sweet rice flour (mochiko) at my disposal, so I didn’t think pancakes would work well- but crepes, with their reliance on eggs and milk would surely be tasty even with this single flour.
I found a crepe recipe by Rachel Ray and adapted it to be gluten free and suitable for my Japanese style pantry ingredients. Thus, I substituted mirin for brandy, and used sweet rice flour as the starch for my recipe. It turned out to be one of the most delicious things I had all summer- and enjoying crepes with butter and raspberry jam became one of my favorite Saturday morning rituals. After I returned from Japan, I used my oven and bread maker almost every day for two weeks, and I didn’t have much occasion to make my little crepe recipe. I made pancakes and waffles, hash browns and muffins instead. But this weekend I remembered that recipe- and whisked together the ingredients, chilling the batter for thirty minutes before preparing it in a non-stick pan. crepefilling.jpg I basted the surface with a little melted margarine for the first few crepes. The first crepe I made fell apart because the surface of the pan wasn’t hot enough. But after that, I was able to remove each crispy, thin crepe easily from the pans and layer them on a plate interspersed with wax paper. I whipped some cream, adding generous amounts of vanilla and a little powdered sugar, and washed some fresh, organic raspberries from the Farmer’s Market. I filled some crepes with mixed berry jam, and others with butter or margarine and powdered sugar and served them garnished with mint, the vanilla cream, and fresh berries. Delicious! DH’s analysis was simple- “They’re yummy!” They are a fairly eggy crepe, so it’s not a good recipe for those allergic to eggs, but I suspect that non dairy margarine and soy or rice milk could be substituted fairly easily for the dairy ingredients. So why not try some easy, decadent crepes for breakfast? With all the wonderful berries and fruits in season right now, it’s the perfect time for a fresh fruit garnished crepe.

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Gluten Free Crepe Recipe
1/2 cup white rice flour (mochiko)
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 eggs, beaten
3/4 cups milk
1/8 cup mirin (brandy or sherry would also be fine)
2 tablespoons melted butter

For the crepe batter, combine flour and salt in a bowl and make a
well in the center. Add eggs milk and brandy to the well and whisk
to combine. Stir in melted butter. Cover batter and set aside for 25

Crepes should be made in a nonstick skillet over medium heat.
Cover the bottom of the pan with just enough batter to coat (by swirling pan in the air, off the burner). When edges naturally lift from the pan, turn the crepes with a very thin spatula and briefly heat other side to taste. (Not for long or they will get too crispy to roll up.)

I halved the recipe for a 2 person breakfast, but
you can double it if you are very hungry or have a family.
Very yummy and batter handles well! Sometimes I grease my non stick
pan and sometimes I don’t. Usually I don’t have trouble getting them off the pan, but the temperature of the pan makes a difference.*

Perfect for a kitchen, hotel room, or dorm room with limited facilities. All you need is a burner!

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21 Responses to “Raspberry Gluten Free Crepe Recipe”

  1. Hey seamaiden–fantastic recipe, I can’t wait to try it and so appreciate the recipes on your blog. You make dealing with celiac so much better

  2. Umm YUM! I love mine with bananas, berries, and Nutella.

    Must. Have. Some. Soon.


  3. i have gf crepes on a list of things I want to learn to make this year- thanks! now I can try it out and check it off my list.


  4. I haven’t had crepes since I was diagnosed and they used to be my specialty. I will definitely have to give these a try.

  5. ooooh! I could use these for moo shoo….

  6. Wow – those look so light!
    I can’t wait to try it.
    Thanks for sharing =)

  7. Definitely trying this one… I love crepes! BTW I might be blind but is there a way to email you? Wanted to see if you’d be interested in a link swap or recipe share…

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  12. Wow SO beautiful…I cannot get over how thin they are! Nice presentation as well! I always seem to mess up crepes, even pancakes, the thinner I make them…I break them. :-)

    Love & Light,


  13. Wow, these were GREAT. Taste like the ‘real’ thing. My picky, GF 6-year old will actually eat these. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  14. These are wonderful! All four of my children love them. Thank you for sharing!!

  15. I actually used brown rice flour because that is what I had on hand… they turned out GREAT the first time!

  16. Hi, I loved the recipe! it’s perfect.. but to make it lighter can I use olive oil or canola oil instead of butter?
    thank you so much!!!

  17. Hi Guliz,
    Glad you enjoyed. Butter has about the same calories as olive or canola oil, but if you prefer to avoid saturated fats you can use olive oil instead. However, the flavor won’t be as rich.

    Thanks for visiting!


  18. I will definitely have to give these a try

  19. Just had to let you know we’ve made these many, many times over the past few months. They are CRAZY good – among the best crepes I’ve ever had. I do leave out the mirin and reducing the eggs to 2 (and adding in a splash of vanilla extract). We fill our with greek yogurt & blueberries or nutella & bananas or strawberries.

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  21. Delicious, tried with sour cherry preserves and Greek yogurt ( 0 ;

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