Connies Injera
2 c of teff flour (suggestion: use white teff if possible)
2 c water and 1/4 tsp yeast OR 2 c kefired apple cider or (water and a
bit of sourdough starter or some left from the last time)
Directions: stir/blend well, cover with a tea towel to keep the
flies out and let the air in, let stand on the counter overnight or
from breakfast to dinner or longer (longer
makes it more sour) [My Note: I left it overnight and then
until the next day's (late) dinner. However, I read many
instructions saying to leave for 72 hours etc, so flavor may improve
with time. Fruit flies might increase with time too though, so it's
up to you.] Pour on hot greased skillet or griddle. [My
Directions:] I took the nonstick skillet off the burner, poured 1/4
cup or so of batter in a circle on the pan and then swirled the pan
around like it was a crepe. Cover with a pot lid and cook for about
one minute. (Or until you hear the steam sizzling on the skillet and
the teff turns darker) Take off, keep warm and make another. (I
stacked in pile on a plate. Oven on warm would probably be ideal if
you want it kept warm)
I got interested in making Teff Injera and have had a batch sitting
on my counter over the weekend. Then yesterday I made the Berbere
spice mix central to Ethiopian cuisine and the divine smelling
spiced Butter which also adds a lot of flavor, depth, and alas,
calories to the meal. I made three dishes as sides- a kale/cheese
dish that was too oily for my taste (thus no recipe shared), a
DIVINE vegetable stew, and a very nice lentil dish. I served these
with Injera bread, freshly made, and a side of cottage cheese.
Because DH is not crazy about spicy food, I think i tamed the meal a
little too much (it was not spicy at all, see my “Mild-ifying”
adaptions) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The texture of Injera is
interesting, and good, although to be honest, it smells a bit like
play doh (i think a lengthy fermentation is the ticket). It is a
nice base to a meal, and makes it easier to eat with your hands. The
stew and lentil dish go nicely with rice, or on tortillas, if you
haven’t the time for the Injera flatbread. I would rate the
seasonings and butter a 9/10, the Vegetable stew a 9/10 and the
Lentil dish an 8/10. Enjoy! Hope you like the recipes!