Eggplant Mayo Pizza with Grilled Veggies
The whole big pizza
The whole big pizza
Eggplant Mayo cheese Sauce

1 lg eggplant (roasted and skinned)
4 baked garlic cloves
1/2 cup mayo (vegan, regular mayo, or japanese for flavor)
salt & pepper

Toppings such as:
tomato pesto, spinach, portabello mushrooms (grilled),
red peppers (grilled), olives, marinated eggplant, pine nuts, and
red onion, spinach, fresh basil.

Favorite GF pizza crust (I like Carol Fenster’s pizza crust)

Blend sauce ingredients in blender.

Bake the pizza crust.
Top it with grilled veggies and pine nuts, fresh basil etc.
Then dabble with globs of eggplant mayo as if you were placing slices of fresh mozzarella on top, and bake until the top is pleasingly brown or at least looks hot and you don’t want to wait any more.

The kind of mayonnaise you use makes a huge impact on the flavor. I think Japanese mayonnaise is the ultimate due to its rich, creamy, egg flavor, but it does contain msg so you may or may not want to indulge.

Lowfat Mayonnaise may contain too much vinegar so you would want to somehow counterbalance this if you used it.

Vegan mayonnaise (I used veganaise this last time) has what to me seems to be a slightly flat, off flavor, and is rather high in calories. Use sparingly and make sure that there are plenty of other flavors to counter this element- and enjoy it for the creamy richness it adds to the dish.

Homemade mayonnaise would probably be the cats meow in this dish, but I for one am not ready for that much food commitment. When I am, and finally give it a try, I’ll let you know how it goes. :)