Japanese Style Home Potato Salad
2 large Potatoes
2 skinny Japanese Cucumbers (or 1 regular, or 1/2 english)
1 Carrot
1/4 onion
8 tbsp mayonnaise (can use egg free version for egg free salad!)

For Special “dressing version” add
3 tbsp GF french dressing
1 tbsp sugar

For serving: 8 large lettuce leaves

Wash potatoes and cut out any eyes. Place in salted water and bring to a boil for about 30 minutes. Don’t peel because they may become watery.

When they seem done, take them out of the water, drain and cut them into quarters, removing skin.

Put the potatoes into a bowl and squish them with a spatula. If making Special dressing version add sugar and heated french dressing. (Heating it intensifies the flavor).

Slice cucumber (with skin ON!!) into thin rounds, preferably in a food processor. sprinkle with salt and leave to wilt. Slice carrot into thin rounds as well, blanching so they are no longer raw but still crunchy. Slice onions very thin (in food processor) and immerse in salted water.

When cucumber and onion look slightly wilted, drain and rinse with cold water, and then pat dry or wring dry in a cloth. (Esp. take care to wring the water out of the cucumber.)

Add vegetables to the potatoes and mix, adding mayonnaise and mixing them all together. (You can increase or decrease the mayo to taste.)

For a more “adult” flavor add 1 lg tbsp dry mustard. Optional.

Serve on lettuce leaves. Enough for 2-4 people, depending on appetite for potato salad and number of side dishes.

This went over very well at the party, and was perfect for a hot, sunny day. Just make sure to keep cool. I made the french dressing version and liked it but think it is just as good without…

Loosely translated from a Japanese recipe at with some of my notes or paraphrasing.

I love Japanese style potato salad. I’ve been trying to get a home cooks recipe for years, but the housewives I know usually shrug when I ask for a recipe and say they just throw it together. Thank goodness for Yahoo gourmet’s Japanese site!