Homemade Tofu Recipe
2 cups organic dried soybeans
Enough water to cover

20 ml nigari liquid
8 cups+ filtered water or bottled spring water

tofu mold (any square container with holes for drainage)

Soak soybeans in water for 10-20 hours. Replace water every 10 hours or so. I actually left the soybeans in for more like 24 hours and they began to sprout, but I changed the water several times and they stayed fresh. Rinse the beans and blend them in batches with the filtered/spring water. Rinse a large pot with water and then add the puree to the pot, bringing it to a low boil and simmer for 20 minutes or so, stirring constantly.

Put colander over a large bowl or pot and line with cheesecloth. Slowly pour simmered puree into the cheesecloth lined colander and then carefully lift up the edge of the cloth, gathering any solids remaining in the cheesecloth and wringing out any liquid from the ball of tofu “curd” (okara) in the cheesecloth. Don’t let any of the “curd” fall into the soy milk. Throw away the curd.

Clean and rinse your large pot again. Without drying the pot, pour your soy milk into the pot and bring it to a temperature of around 140-154 F. (Heating or not, according to temperature.) When it has come to this temperature, stir in half of the nigari. Let the soy milk begin to separate, and then add the rest of the nigari.

Line a tofu box with cheesecloth and pour in your curdled soy milk/nigari mixture. Wrap up the top carefully and put the lid on the box with something heavy on top so that the tofu is pressed. Leave your tofu to press for 30-35 minutes (the longer you leave it the more firm the tofu will be) and then submerge the tofu box in water and carefully remove your tofu. Either use immediately or store the tofu in water.