Vegetarian Grilled Stuffed Mushroom Recipe
10 crimini mushrooms and 2 portabella mushrooms (or 30+ crimini)
Steak and grill type seasoning blend (I used Trader Joe’s, Spice Hunter probably has one as well)
olive oil
white wine vinegar
3 or more finely diced shallots
3 or more pressed fresh garlic cloves
Salt and freshly ground Pepper to taste (optional, especially if your steak seasoning blend contains it)

Needed equipment: foil grill topper tray with holes but plenty of solid surface area (not the wire trap type), grill (you can use grill pan but best results from a propane or charcoal grill)

Prepare mushrooms- remove caps from mushrooms. Leave crimini caps whole and slice portabella mushrooms.

Make marinade by shaking a healthy amount of steak and grill seasoning (we’re talking teaspoon(s) here)
Add several glug of olive oil (tablespoon(s))
Whisk in white wine vinegar to taste (about 1/3 of however much olive oil you used, or more to taste)
Add your finely diced shallots and garlic cloves, whisking them in so they are evenly distributed in the vinaigrette.
Season with salt and pepper.
Adjust seasonings and white wine if needed.

Take your mushroom caps and immerse in marinade. Rub seasonings and garlic/shallots on the surface of each cap, and fill each cavity with diced shallots and garlic mixture. Place on a plate. Coat your sliced portabellas in any leftover marinade. Reserve. (Keep any leftover marinade for basting mushrooms while grilling.)

Heat your grill (or if propane, just turn it on!) to a medium heat. No burning inferno temperatures please, or your mushrooms will cry.
Spray foil grill topper tray with nonstick grill quality cooking spray (make sure your brand is gluten free!) Place it on the grill, leaving enough room on the right or left to grill your portabella slices directly on the grill.

Carefully place your crimini on the grill topper cavity up and distribute your portabella slices. Put any broken or especially thin slices on the grill topper, and if you like you can put sturdier, longer slices directly on the grill for attractive grill marks.
Shut the lid of your grill. Do something else for a few minutes. Check your mushrooms periodically, turning or moving them as needed. Eventually you will want to turn your stuffed crimini upside down so the shallots will get all golden and slightly caramelized. Some filling may be lost. Some filling may fall out. Salvage what you can and refill any mushrooms that lose too much stuffing. The flavor makes any casualties worth it! You can rotate your slices so that they spend some time on the grill topper (if needed) but make sure the sturdy slices spend enough time flat on the grill to get grill marks on both sides. When your mushrooms look done and are tender to the touch, and filling is golden and soft, plate.

You can enjoy these as appetizers or on risotto, polenta, pilaf, mashed potatoes, or plain rice. Mmm mmm tasty!