Baked Renkon Chip Recipe
3 trimmed lotus roots (renkon, 蓮根 れんこん)
rice vinegar
pasta seasoning blend (trader joes or Spice Hunter)
olive oil
Peel your lotus roots and immediately immerse them in water, adding at least a tablespoon of vinegar to keep them from browning. Heat your oven to 375 degrees F. Use a food processor or mandoline to thinly slice lotus root chips, immerse them in your vinegar water until ready to bake. Dry off chips in salad spinner or wrap in a towel. When dry, place on a dark baking sheet and sprinkle with pasta seasonings and drizzle a little olive oil on the chips. Mix them so that the oil and seasoning is evenly distributed, and then place the chips on your baking sheet in a single layer, with no overlapping. If you have too many chips, reserve some for a second batch. Set your timer for 10 minutes, and bake your chips. (If you got paper thin chips with a mandoline, use less time- this time is for food processor sliced chips). At the ten minute mark, turn over your chips carefully. They may slightly stick to the surface of your baking sheet. Bake for five more minutes. You should be able to see white starch on the top of your chips at this point. Turn over your chips one more time and bake for five minutes. If your chips are nicely golden, then plate. If they are not golden, turn them over one more time and put them back in the oven, checking on them every few minutes. Don’t overbake! When golden but not entirely brown, plate your chips and salt them lightly. Enjoy!
This is a healthy adaption of a greasy izakaya classic. Try them deep fried if you are feeling decadent and they would probably rate a 9.