Lychee Kakigori Shaved Ice Recipe
Kakigori/ Shaved Ice Making machine

1 lychee black tea bag
Filtered water
1 can lychee juice (At least 30% juice)
1 package fresh or frozen lychee (litchi), canned if no alternative

Dairy toppings, optional:
1 lychee ice cream Popsicle
1 tbsp lychee ice cream

If you have a shaved ice machine, it may come with trays or containers for freezing ice. My machine only comes with two small containers, so freezing my ingredients took several days. If you have more containers or are making your frozen flavored ice in ice cube trays, freeze it all at once. Otherwise, two days before you want kakigori, make one batch of lychee black tea, medium strength. It is not necessary to add sugar. Freeze your lychee tea in your trays. The next day (as long as the tea has completely frozen into a block), remove your tea blocks and put them in a freezer proof ziploc bag and store them in the freezer until needed. Then wash your freezer containers and fill them with your lychee juice and place them in the freezer. Once you have your 4 blocks of ice ready, prepare your toppings.

Take your fresh or frozen lychee and reserve three with skin on for decorative function. If you like, you can skin and pit your fresh lychee and freeze them overnight so they get slightly chrystallized, or you can just use them, skinned and pitted, fresh. Slice them into halves or fourths.

If using dairy, take your lychee popsicle and cut it into little cubes. As soon as you cut them, put them in the freezer, as they will melt immediately. Take your tablespoon of lychee ice cream and put it in a little dish at room temperature for a few minutes and let it begin to melt. You will be using it as a substitute for condensed milk that is often drizzled over shaved ice deserts as a topping.

To assemble:
Shave your ice into two bowls, one for the black tea lychee shavings and one for the lychee juice shavings.
Take an attractive dish or wine goblet and fill it half full with the lychee tea ice shavings and then fill the rest with lychee juice shavings. Or, if you have a large bowl, alternate the flavors until you have a nice bed of flavored, shaved ice. Top it with your fresh or frozen lychee, cubes of lychee ice cream, and drizzle it with your melted lychee ice cream. Top with a whole, fresh lychee. Enjoy!

This dessert is light and sweet but not overpoweringly so, and not too bad for you, considering. Great on a hot summer day.