Pushpas Idli or Dosa Batter
Side Dish  Rice  Indian  
1 cup of Raw Rice (I used the non-traditional basmati)
3/4 cup of urad dal
Chlorine Free water (enough to make a rather thick batter)

optional seasonings:
1 tsp nigella
1 tsp fenugreek seeds (methi)
Un-iodized salt, to taste

Tomato chutney for filling
Mint, coconut, nut etc. chutney for dipping
Sambar soup for serving

Soak rice and seasonings (not including salt) in 3 cups of water for about eight hours and soak urad dal separately in 1 and half cup of water for about four hours. throw away the water in which rice and urad dal was soaked. Grind urad dal to make a thick paste with your chlorine free water, adding a little at a time. Add rice and grind again till both are mixed. The consistency should be similar to prepared idli batter found at your local Indian market. Add your salt, to taste. Keep the batter outside the refrigerator for 8 hours (or more if in cool climate). If it is cold, turn on the light to your oven and put the batter in the oven. If the batter starts to smell unpleasant, stir it. If needed, once it has fermented you can refrigerate the batter and use it as needed. Bring to room temperature before using.

To prepare your idli, spray an idli mold or egg poacher with non-stick cooking spray and fill it half full with batter. Then put a small amount of the chutney in the center of the batter. Cover the filling with batter. Then place the idli mold into your steamer and steam for 10-15 minutes, or until center is firm. Carefully cut around the idli with a sharp knife and remove to a wire rack to cool. Eat while warm or heat in microwave for 10 seconds when cold. You can freeze them or refrigerate with good results.