Perfect Hash Brown Recipe
1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, thinly sliced

2 baking potatoes, washed, dried, with eyes cut out
1/2 tbsp. olive oil
onion powder
mustard powder
1 (or more) tbsp. butter

Microwave baking potatoes until soft.
Meanwhile caramelize onion slices in olive oil in a cast iron pan, leaving without stirring until they get sweet and golden brown around the edges. When they seem done remove the onion slices from the pan and reserve.

There should be some oil remaining in the cast iron pan, but if needed, add up to 1/2 tbsp olive oil to the pan and heat. Slice baking potatoes in half lengthwise, leaving skin on. Place each half of a potato with the cut side down onto the pan surface. Take a potato masher and mash each potato so it makes messy somewhat squished potatoes. Don’t overdo it- there should be some chunks of potato left. Let the skin get mixed into the rough mash. Leave in pan without stirring so that a golden crust can develop. (Watch temperature so they don’t burn.) After a bit, sprinkle generous amounts of onion powder, some mustard powder, and plenty of salt and pepper onto the potatoes. When they look like they’ve formed a crust, turn them over and season again as needed. Let them form another crust, then repeat a few more times if needed. If they seem dry, cut little bits of butter up and insert the butter pats into the potatoes, letting it melt onto the pan surface and add flavor. Finally add reserved caramelized onions to pan and mix thoroughly with the hash brown potatoes.

Serve with eggs or tofu scramble if desired. Yummy!