Renkon Lotus Root Sesame Stir Fry Recipe
1 whole Renkon a.k.a. Lotus Root, raw
4 green onions
1 tbsp. toasted sesame oil (Japanese brand)
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp wheat-free soy sauce like San-J low sodium
light sesame seeds, if desired
Peel the renkon/lotus root. Quickly use a mandoline, food processor, or knife to thinly slice the renkon. Put each slice in a large bowl of water as you slice it. Cut your green onions into 2 inch long pieces, separating into two piles white bulb part of stalk from green stalk.

Heat a wok and add your tablespoon of sesame oil. When it is hot, add your slices of renkon and stir fry them until they are no longer fully opaque. It’s desirable to get them to brown as much as possible without burning, in my opinion. You can add the white parts of the green onion at this stage or partway through this stage if you want. When the renkon looks mostly done, add a hearty sprinkling of sesame seeds and the combined sugar and soy sauce. Mix the sauce and sesame seeds throughout the dish and let it heat until its warm but not burnt. Sprinkle the green part of the green onion stalk, let it wilt and remove from heat and serve.