Buckwheat Gnocchi with Greens
14 oz. fresh spinach OR beet greens from one bunch of beets plus any other greens to make 2 or 3 cups of fresh greens
3 cups milk
1 1/4 cup Cream of Buckwheat cereal (Pocono)
1/8 cup butter
4 oz fresh grated parmesan cheese
fresh grated nutmeg
salt, freshly ground pepper
2 eggs, beaten
Blanch your beet greens or spinach until nicely cooked, drain thoroughly and chop into small pieces.

Rinse a pot with water and place on burner still damp. Let warm and then add your milk, heating until the milk begins to boil. Slowly add your (uncooked) Cream of Buckwheat cereal grits to the milk and stir. Let mixture come back to a boil and then lower heat, stirring frequently for up to ten minutes or until mixture has thickened nicely to a grit-like texture. Take off the burner and add butter, cheese, and seasonings. Let mixture cool for a few minutes (up to five) and then add your beaten eggs and mix thoroughly.

If you’d like, separate out some of the mixture for plain gnocchi (no greens). Mix greens into the other half of the “dough” and combine thoroughly.

There are 2 preparation options.

1)scoop out little balls of the dough and form them into a little gnocchi shape, placing them on a baking tin in a single layer sprayed with non-stick cooking spray as you make each one.


2)spread the batter on cookie tins about 1/2 inch thick and let cool in refrigerator. When firm, use little cookie or biscuit cutter to cut out gnocchi “rounds” (more like croquettes, really) and place on a single layer on a baking tin sprayed with non-stick cooking spray as you make each one. Top each round with extra parmesan cheese. (Really, do, it adds a lot of flavor and interest)

Place in pre-heated 375 degree oven and bake for 35 minutes or so. Remove from oven and reserve.

You can either serve as is with a yummy homemade tomato sauce OR to take it up a notch…

Heat 1 or 2 tsp. butter with 1 or 2 tsp. garlic flavored olive oil in a cast iron pan. (To make oil, just sautee up some garlic in the oil and then remove the garlic from the pan, leaving the oil.- I actually used oil from a garlic bread mash topping of garlic, parsley, and pepper, so there was infused parsley in the oil too, yum.) When warm, add a single layer of your baked gnocchi. After they warm and get a little golden brown, turn them over. When done, remove from pan and serve with your sauce.


DH was amazingly enthused about this dish, and gobbled it down. I had to take the gnocchi away from the table or he said he would eat it all right then. lol. We will be making this again- AND it’s a great, fun way to use cream of buckwheat cereal.

A very untraditional gnocchi, on many points, but we liked it.