Vegan Artichoke Heart Pasta Recipe with Broccoli
1 head broccoli, cut into long, thin spears
1 cup artichoke hearts (at least a few in oil)
1 onion, chopped
1 1/2 tbsp capers, chopped
1 carton crimini mushrooms (or less), sliced
1 can stewed, seasoned tomatoes, drained
1 portion of roasted sweet potato cubes (half or 1/2 of recipe, depending on quantity you made)*see following Book of Yum recipe
fresh rosemary
fresh thyme
pine nuts for garnish (optional but oh so good)
freshly ground pepper

8 oz gf pasta, prior to boiling (we used Mrs. Leepers Corn pasta, but rice pasta would work nicely as well)

completely optional: dash of flax seed oil and nutritional yeast for final flavoring, post cooking

Bring medium pot of salted water to boil and blanch broccoli spears, removing and soaking in cold water as soon as they turn bright green. Drain when cool and reserve, mixed with one or two artichoke hearts in oil, cut into squares and dispersed throughout the pile of broccoli.

Heat boiling water and pour over most of your artichoke hearts (the oil variety), skimming off oil and draining them to the best of your ability.

Heat olive oil in cast iron pan (1 tbsp or less) and add your chopped onion, letting it become translucent before adding capers and sliced mushrooms. You may want to give the mushrooms their own spot directly on the surface of the cast iron pan by moving the onion to the edge of the pan. Season the mushrooms with salt and pepper, and turn when brown. Mix everything together again and add the rest of your drained, chopped artichoke hearts. Let onions caramelize more and then add your drained, chopped tomatoes and combine thoroughly. Add fresh herbs, seasonings, and sweet potato cubes and any additional seasonings, including pine nuts. (Let the pine nuts brown on the surface of the pan if possible).

Prepare your gluten-free pasta, and when just about al dente, rinse, drain, and reserve.

When cast iron ingredients look beautifully savory, add your broccoli and remove from heat, mixing thoroughly so that flavors have a chance to merge with the broccoli. After a few minutes serve mixed completely with pasta in dish.

If you like and want the extra nutrition, add a drizzle of flax oil to the pasta, stir in, and sprinkle entire plate with nutritional yeast.

Mmm, yummy.