Gluten Free Vegetarian Yakisoba Recipe
1/2 package Brown rice Spaghetti Tinkyada pasta (8 oz or so) cooked to be very al dente- NOT completely cooked
Peanut oil
Sesame oil
1/4 cabbage, shredded
2 green onions, white part and green separated and chopped
2 small or 1 lg carrots, shredded
2 or more tbsp. pickled ginger strips/ matchsticks (not the shape for sushi)
kurogoma Black sesame seeds, to taste
Ao Nori/ Blue-green nori sprinkles

Homemade Yakisoba Sauce
1 tbsp. wheat free low sodium San-J tamari
1 tbsp. wheat free worchestershire sauce (Edward & sons has one that is GF and vegetarian, Bulldog Japanese brand is another option- be careful though as I have not confirmed with Bulldog personally, only read the label.)
1 tbsp. mirin

Heat a little peanut oil and sesame oil in your pan. (maybe a tbsp. all together, with a little more peanut oil than sesame)
Toss in your shredded cabbage and let it soften slightly, then throw in the white parts of your green onion (chopped), wait a minute and add your shredded carrot. Add a little more sesame oil to the pan if desired and then throw in your pasta, mixing veggies throughout and letting the pasta brown slightly on each side. You can cook it until the pasta is as brown and crunchy as you prefer. Throw in your pickled ginger strips, mix, add sesame seeds, and serve in a big plate. Sprinkle the ao nori on individual servings to taste.