Double chocolate and white chocolate dipped dried apricot dessert
30 dried apricots

1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tablespoon shortening

1/2 cup white chocolate chips
1 tablespoon shortening

If fondue snack is desired:
1 lg. white peach, peeled and sliced
2-3 apricots, peeled and sliced
1 lg banana, peeled and cut into large chunks

Prepare parchment paper on a baking sheet.

Turn microwave power to 50% and then microwave semi-sweet chocolate chips in 30 second intervals and stir. Put back in the microwave and heat on half power for another 30 second interval. If necessary, you can do 15 minute intervals. When chocolate is smooth and melted, stir in shortening and reserve.

Repeat for white chocolate chips in their own microwavable bowl.

Dip half of each dried apricot in white chocolate and then turn it and dip the other half in semi-sweet chocolate. Carefully place the chocolate dipped apricot on your prepared parchment sheet and let cool until chocolate hardens.

Serve at a party or wrap and give as gifts wrapped in attractive paper!

Serve your fresh fruit with the remainder of the melted chocolate as impromptu chocolate fondue.