Vegan Kale Kidney Bean Curry Recipe
2 tsp. oil of your choice
1 bunch kale, stemmed and chopped
1/2 can kidney beans (or 1 cup, homemade)
1 (1/2 inch) knob ginger, peeled and grated
1 tsp. cumin seeds
2 tsp. coriander
1 tsp. ground cumin
1/4 tsp. turmeric
generous salt to taste
Heat oil in large sauce pan on medium. add your ginger and cumin seeds and as they start to brown, throw in your kale. Add coriander, cumin, and turmeric and combine thoroughly. As the spices release their fragrance, add your kidney beans and saute for a minute. Add enough water to cover bottom of pan and let simmer for 10 minutes or so. Cover, lower heat, add extra water if needed and simmer another twenty minutes. Add salt to taste, adjust seasoning as needed, and serve.