Allergen-free Mushroom Gravy Recipe
2 tbsp. olive oil
6 oz. crimini mushrooms, washed and sliced
1 tbsp arrowroot starch
1 tbsp. amaranth flour
poultry seasoning
freshly ground black pepper
generous salt, to taste
1/2 cup or more water (enough to make sauce of your preferred consistency)
Heat olive oil on medium in a nonstick or cast iron pan. add sliced mushrooms and let brown, turning as needed. When mushrooms are done to taste (brown and savory on both sides), add your arrowroot starch and amaranth flour to the pan and combine with mushrooms in pan. Season generously and slowly add water, whisking as needed. As a gravy forms, taste and add more seasonings as desired. If you prefer a soft runny gravy, add more water. Simmer until you have your preferred texture and remove from pan.