Satura’s Yuna: A GF Chocolate Cake Pleasing to Behold

flourlesschocolatecake.jpgJust a few days ago, I posted about my experience at the Japanese style bakery, Satura in Palo Alto, California. I think the fates must have been conspiring, because just this afternoon my dear friend M (not to be confused with Q), suggested we go there for some decadent, delicious cake. I just can’t say no to gluten free cake- so, we were off. This time we visited the Los Altos location, where it is nestled in among other foodie establishments like Italian delis and extravagant imported plate shops. At first I couldn’t find the gluten free cake. I had just about resigned myself to a cappucino or another foamy beverage when I caught sight of it hiding in between the tiramisu and the cream puffs. Although it was cozying up to other dishes in a case full of wheat, each cake was wrapped, piece by piece, in plastic which at least offered some protection from the gluten goblins. The card next to it read: “Yuna A gluten-free treat! Bittersweet chocolate sponge made with almond and cocoa powder, layered with French chocolate ganache. Named after the son of Satura’s Executive Chef.” I know, I know. Risky… but it looked every bit as pretty as all the other cakes in the window, and when does that ever happen with gluten free cakes? Not often enough, I tell you. So, I requested one slice of Yuna, and a skim cappucino. (All that thinking about coffee made it inevitable.) We sat at our table in the pretty little shop and had our cakes, on sweet little leaf shaped plates. I sipped my cappucino, complete with a swirly heart design on top, and enjoyed my first ever slice of gluten free cake in a Japanese bakery. saturacap.jpgIt was sweet, and light, but not too sweet. And unlike other gluten free chocolate desserts, I didn’t feel like I was hit on the head with the hot chocolate sugar fairy, here to give me both a toothache and a serious headache from the sugar hangover. Of course, this begs the question- how does it compare to other gluten free chocolate desserts, like Outback’s Chocolate Thunder Down Under or P.F. Chang’s Flourless Chocolate Dome? I have to admit, I like them all. And, on a day when all you want to do is drown your sorrows in a vat of hot fudge sauce and melty flourless brownie, Outback is your best bet. On a relatively dainty and elegant day when you want to nibble on fresh berries and hear the satisfying crack of a chocolate dome, P.F. Chang’s cant be beat. But, when you’re wandering around downtown Palo Alto, Los Altos, or their Hawaiian locations, why not try a Yuna, which satisfies both the eye and one’s yearning for silky, aerated chocolate with no regrets?

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4 Responses to “Satura’s Yuna: A GF Chocolate Cake Pleasing to Behold”

  1. I stoped by your blog when you first started and just poppped back in to check it out. WOW how you have grown. But I really wanted to say thank you for the much needed boost I need to get out and get living and know in my head what I can have and what I can’t and explore the world with an open mind. Thank you!!!

  2. Dear Compassionate Celiac,
    Thank you so much for your sweet post. I am glad that I helped a little and I wish you the very best in the future. Happy (delicious) GF eating!


  3. My manager found this at her favorite bakery and brought it for me. If I didn’t trust that she knew I was gluten intolerant, I wouldn’t have believed it was gluten free. Oh my goodness, this was *so* good.

  4. It is an awesome cake, isn’t it? :)


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