Spring Rolls- Vegan Lunchbox Style

springrolls.jpg Today I’d like to blog about a meal we had last night that came from a fellow blogger’s recently published cookbook- Jennifershmoo’s Vegan Lunch Box. I’ve read Jennifer’s blog for ages now, and I was always impressed by the creative vegan lunches she made for her son. Her lunches were not only visually appealing and fun, but looked delicious as well. After she came out with a cookbook, I was curious, but didn’t know how applicable it would be to my gluten free life. When I broke down and purchased a copy, I was really glad I did. The book is much thicker than it looks in the photos, and has tons of great recipes that you can put together into a delicious vegan lunch. Perhaps the best part is the Allergen-Free index where she lists all the gluten free recipes, as well as nut free, soy free recipes. I was inspired by her recipe for broccoli Calzones to create the Calzones in my last post, but the first full recipe I tried from the book was the “Tofu Apple Spring Roll” on page 226. The recipe intrigued me because it called for marinated, baked tofu, crisp sliced green apples, and shredded napa cabbage. I always put seasoned tofu in my spring rolls- but I had never thought of adding any fruit besides avocado. I also made the accompanying peanut sauce, which is easy to make and absolutely delicious! She has selected recipes from the cookbook available online, but the recipe I used can only be found in the cookbook. I used mint leaves instead of cilantro and added rice noodles to make the dish more filling, as I didn’t plan to add any side dishes to the meal. DH gave a huge thumbs up- and his only request was- MORE APPLES! Oh, that and he’d really rather I leave the mint out. (Not that he’d rather have cilantro, heaven forbid.) He also really enjoyed the peanut sauce. I think it was the sesame oil that won him over… shhh… Now it must be admitted, there are some recipes in this book that do not work for the gluten free diet, such as Cornish Pastries, which call for seitan “meat” and vegemite, and some of the baked goods. But in my opinion, there are plenty of gluten free recipes in the book that make it very valuable- especially to a gluten free vegetarian, or just to someone who wants to pack a healthy interesting lunch for themselves or their family.

springrollssauce.jpg springrolls3.jpg blkspringrolls.jpg

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6 Responses to “Spring Rolls- Vegan Lunchbox Style”

  1. These look great Sea. I haven’t yet perfected my summer roll rolling (that’s what they call them in our local Vietnamese restaurants), but I plan on doing so. They are one of my most favorite foods! Thanks for the beautiful pix!

  2. Hi Ellen! I call them summer rolls too, as the spring rolls are different- BUT, since the Vegan Lunchbox called them Spring rolls I was kind of stuck with the name. lol. Kind of funny since I spent a post a few weeks ago talking about how these are actually summer rolls… tee hee…

    Hey- weren’t you trying some of my recipes? How did they turn out for you? I was dying to hear about it…. ;)

  3. Hello there!
    I just wanted to thank you so much for your blog – as an acupuncturist it is so necessary to have info at my fingertips for those with digestive issues. I am frequently telling folks to try and stay away from gluten and see how they feel … and now I have “discovered” your blog. Well, suffice to say, I now have you permanently linked to my blog, and have forwarded you around the world to friends who need to check in with you frequently! Thanks so much…

  4. Hello.
    I love spring rolls, even before I had to be GF I would make them…they are great for picnics, or really anytime. I have been waiting for our fresh produce to come..the first spring greens, yum!, to make them.

    These are a unique combination. I think I may have to try them.

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