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The night the boy baked… Carol Fenster’s Corn Bread

Posted By yum On May 13, 2007 @ 12:02 pm In Carol Fenster, the boy cooked | 1 Comment

cornbreadyum.jpg [1] One of my favorite memories is when my DH (at that time DB) showed up on my doorstep unexpectedly with a bread board containing a gluten free banana bread that he had baked himself and a red rose. He had adapted a normal gluten banana bread recipe to be gluten free, all by himself, and brought it over as a surprise for me. I was surprised, all right- in fact, I couldn’t remember anybody besides of course my mother who had actually gone to the trouble of baking something gluten free just for me. I was apparently so thrilled to see him I didn’t comment much on the bread- but part of the thrill was due to him being The Boy with The Bread for Me. And at that point, I think I realized that he not just A Boy but The Boy… bakingboy.jpg [2]Sappiness aside, though, DH has some serious talents in the kitchen, especially with baking, although he doesn’t often exercise them. The other day when it was decided that he would cook dinner, he suddenly got an urge for cornbread, and along with his favorite seven herb risotto [3], he made Corn Bread following a recipe in Carol Fenster’s book, Cooking Free : 200 Flavorful Recipes for People with Food Allergies and Multiple Food Sensitivities. [4] Unfortunately we were out of cornmeal, so he used the more gritty polenta instead, but the recipe still turned out beautifully. He made it in a traditional cast iron skillet, which gave it a lovely crisp exterior, and the polenta granules made it a bit crunchy, but the flour mixture gave it a soft, fluffy texture, so it was a very tasty meal of contrasts. With the multi herbed risotto (dill and basil, this time), it made an excellent, hearty meal. DH later enjoyed a slice liberally doused in maple sryup, but it was also good with just margarine, and toasted. We’d probably both give the cornbread an 8/10, with possible higher rating with the proper cornmeal. I think we might have to make his cornbread a weekly event…

cornbreadskillet.jpg [5] closeupcornbread.jpg [6]

Note: This is so my favorite memory I think I’ve mentioned it at least once before. Oh well, hopefully it will be a new story at least to any new readers who might have wandered by. Also, I promise that DH has more than just this one brown shirt- it seems to be his lucky “cooking” shirt as he’s wearing it in most of his pictures. lol.

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