The night the boy cooked… Polenta Three Ways: Sweet, Savory, and Italian Style


Lately DH has turned his attention from rice (in the form of risotto) to corn (in the form of polenta). He watched an Alton Brown show on corn and was enticed by the idea that polenta could be served as a sweet dish with margarine and honey, or savory with herbs and cheese, or even just plain. His recent experiments have included sweet polenta served with local honey from the Sebastapol specialty honey shop, Beekind, polenta with fresh herbs and cheese, and then tonight I served his cheesy fresh thyme and sage polenta with some quickly made garlic herb tomato sauce and frozen cheese gnocchi. Every incarnation of polenta has been yummy. If you haven’t tried grits gone gourmet, give it a try- they are remarkably versatile and offer a welcome respite from rice and potatoes.

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2 Responses to “The night the boy cooked… Polenta Three Ways: Sweet, Savory, and Italian Style”

  1. What a great idea! My rice and potato dishes definately need makeover. Ya gatta love Alton Brown :)

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