The Night we cooked… Green Pea Risotto and Asparagus Mushroom Sauce

risottoasparplate.jpgOn this blog-worthy night, DH unexpectedly decided to make some of his famous risotto. He sauteed some chopped red onions and garlic in olive oil, added arborio rice (1 1/2 cups), let it go translucent and then splashed a healthy dose of white wine into the pan. He added gluten free stock made from vegetable bullion gradually, until it became a creamy rice dish. For flavor, he then added some dried marjoram, salt, pepper, and his all time favorite vegetable, green peas. Meanwhile, I steamed some asparagus, fresh from the farmer’s market, for five minutes and then blanched it in cold water to stop the cooking process. I sauteed onions, garlic, and mushrooms in a pan, adding seasonings, a bit of GF flour, white wine, and broth to make a savory sauce. risoasparaplate.jpgDH plated his risotto, and I added the steamed asparagus to my mushroom sauce, gently mixing them in before plating the dish. We often trade off on cooking nights, and tonight I realized how much nicer it was to work side by side in the kitchen. If only we didn’t live in an apartment with a rectangular shoe box kitchen… Open the refrigerator and suddenly no one can move and the room becomes a claustrophobic death trap. (Death trap because stuff might fall out of our bursting refrigerator onto your head.) But I digress. The point was, tonight we managed to cook side by side- and it was lovely. The meal was pretty lovely too! I asked DH why he always likes to make risotto, and he replied- “It’s my standard cupboard ready meal. As long as you have rice, bullion, onions, and a bottle of wine, you can make some kind of risotto and not worry about whether you have the right ingredients.” He may be on to something. The next time you are debating what to make- why not try some easy risotto?

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