The Vegan Grill- Ginger Sesame Tofu

At the end of a small reading class I participated in this quarter, we decided to celebrate our last meeting with food. I wanted to make something tasty, easy, and vegan… so finally I decided to make an old standby recipe for grilled tofu that I discovered years ago in Joann Stephaniak’s book “Vegan Vittles.” If you haven’t read it and are interested in vegan cuisine or are dairy or egg intolerant, it is an invaluable resource with some of my favorite tofu recipes of all time. Most, if not all the recipes, are easily adapted to be gluten free. (I substitute quinoa flakes for oats and make other substitutions as needed.) Some of my happiest memories involve sharing this tofu with friends, usually during the summer months. It’s best eaten outside, on a balcony, with other grilled vegetables (artichokes are perfect), and some perfectly prepared risotto or paella. But, in a pinch, you can bring the outside in and enjoy it in a small, cramped/cozy religious studies lounge. This time the menu included gluten free veggie summer rolls, an adaption of my peanut sauce (I’ve never had someone else follow one of “my” recipes before- it was kinda cool!), fresh organic oranges, and for dessert, sugar cookie symbols of patriarchy. (Use your imagination, it was a feminist theory readings class..) All but the cookies were gluten free. It was a delicious way to end the quarter, and I recommend this recipe for any celebration, especially one with vegan or vegetarian guests. (Although carnivores love this recipe too).

Yummy Grilled Tofu
1 lb of firm tofu (Chinese Style is best for this kind of recipe)

2 tbsp GF soy sauce (preferably San-J Low Sodium Tamari)
1 1/2 tbsp maple syrup
1 Tbsp rice vinegar
1 tbsp fresh ginger, grated
1 tbsp toasted sesame oil (we like a Japanese brand)
2 pressed cloves of garlic

Drain water from tofu, and cut horizontally in thirds or half. Wrap in towel and leave for 30 minutes or so until water has absorbed into towel.

Mix marinade ingredients, and marinate tofu for at least 30 minutes. If possible, grill, if not, broil or pan fry.

Makes a wonderful protein addition to salads, sandwich fillings, and perfect with rich rice dishes like risotto.

I’ve been making this recipe for years and it always goes over very well at parties. Very flavorful and easy.

Can be doubled for a crowd.

You may wish to brush or spray grill with oil, as the tofu can stick.

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