Update on Bette Hagman Event

breadforbette.jpgAs you know, I am currently hosting a blog event for Bette Hagman. I announced this event on August 18th, but you are welcome to participate anytime until the deadline, September 3rd. How can you participate?

Over the next two weeks from August 20th to September 3rd bake something from one of Bette Hagman’s cookbooks, and take a really beautiful photo of the baked good that you produce. I would like to think of each photo as a flower bouquet honoring Bette Hagman, and so include at least one beautiful flower (and possibly a flower bouquet) in the background of your photo or placed on the baked good like the photo I posted here. Post your photo on your blog along with a short (one or two line) note on the impact Bette Hagman had on your life and comment here with the link or email it to me at mehere.jpg. Please download the “Baked in Honor” tag and post it along with your post. If you feel comfortable doing so, include a wallet sized photograph of yourself in the post or emailmehere.jpg. If you don’t have a blog, that’s ok, just send me the photo(s) and your message. Please size your photo to be about the same size as the photo posted here.

breadforbette2.jpgI will be posting a round up of all the entries no later than Friday, September 7th, and posting a report about the final card/product that is created with all our entries.

For now, here’s my submission, a photo of Bette Hagman’s Buttermilk Garbanzo Bread with a bouquet I bought at the weekly farmer’s market, taken on my balcony. The bread was delicious, as always- and I enjoyed it with margarine, tomato jam, and even in a egg sandwich with mayo and tomato jam… Sounds weird but it was just what I wanted. The bread also won high marks with my non-celiac DH… Thank you, Bette- for showing me that gluten free bread can be a delicious, special treat even for those who don’t have to eat gluten free!


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6 Responses to “Update on Bette Hagman Event”

  1. Looks Good, Sea! (Sans the garbanzo, but, Can I have a slice? )

    Please? LOL

  2. Hi Kate! Actually, I used garfava instead of straight garbanzo because I’m totally out of garbanzo flour! But there are so many other flours you can’t taste the bean flour but get the benefit of good texture from it. (honest!) ;)

  3. SSea: I have put up a post for Bette today (August 31). Perhaps it’s longer than a few lines, but I did my best.:) Honey Almond Sourdough bread.

  4. Wonderful idea – we at Cindalou’s would love to participate, but low and behold, we don’t have a single GF cook-book, let alone one by Bette. Are any of her recipes posted online? Regardless, I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

  5. On the deadline of course! Bette Hagman post

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