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Vegan Lunchbox Recipe Review: Vegan Fishie Sticks

Posted By yum On October 16, 2007 @ 10:51 am In Cookbook Review, Vegan, Vegan Lunchbox, Vegetarian | 5 Comments

tofusticks3.jpgjustfishsticks.jpg [1]Some time ago I bought the Vegan Lunchbox cookbook by the author of the Vegan Lunch Box Blog [2]. Apparently there is exciting news- her book has been picked up by a major publisher and will be redesigned and released in March 2008, so it should be available all over the country in bookstores soon. I’ve enjoyed her book as is, with its creative, healthy recipes and fun menu ideas, but I’m sure the new version will be great as well, and hopefully reach a wider audience. The other day I was trying to find something new to do with tofu, and I found myself flipping through Jennifer McCann’s book- until I was inspired by a recipe for Tofu Fish Sticks. Basically, you take tofu, slice it, cut it out in fish shapes with cookie cutters (or into boring ol’ sticks), dip in soymilk mixed with lemon and then coat it in a combination of cornmeal, nuts (i used almond and sesame), aonori (blue nori kelp sprinkles), and seasoning. You bake just like regular ol’ boring fish sticks in the oven, and enjoy! They got a thumbs up from DH, and I enjoyed them as well. They’re not quite as addicting as the nutritional yeast southern fried tofu [3] or even baked nutritional yeast tofu [4], but they are tasty, fun, and something different that would probably appeal to kids. The first night we enjoyed them with roasted sweet potatoes and Slow Cooked Southern Greens in Cashew Macadamia Sauce [5]. The next day for lunch, we had them with leftover GF corn pasta (DH is really into Mrs. Leepers corn pasta) mixed with fresh diced tomatoes, and roasted brussel sprouts, and roasted sweet potatoes. The right tartar sauce would be perfect with these darling fishie sticks- we had ours with a dill mustard sauce ’cause we didn’t have any tarter. So, whether you hunt down Jennifer’s book or just start improvising your own fishie stick recipe following her method- hopefully now you will be inspired to take fish sticks to the next gluten-free, vegan level- ’cause they’re yummy that way! I would give them a 7 or 8 out of 10, and would definitely make them again.

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fishiesthree.jpg [9] fishiesbare.jpg [10] fishsticks4.jpg [11] fishiesmeal.jpg [12]

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