Welcome to Kale Week: Menu +Raw Balsamic Onion Kale recipe

Welcome to Kale Week! This week I’m celebrating the joys of an often unappreciated winter green, kale. Kale is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), vitamin C, and manganese; a very good source of copper, tryptophan, calcium, vitamin B6, and potassium; and a good source of iron, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B2, protein, vitamin B1, folate, phosphorous, and vitamin B3. (source: WH Foods) That being said, I haven’t always enjoyed kale or found it to be especially yummy. That changed however when I made my first batch of oven-baked kale chips, and I became deeply obsessed with kale when I finally made dehydrated kale, smothered in a delicious homemade tahini dressing before it was dried. You might say that I became a woman obsessed with the green stuff. I started considering making a weekly batch, and researching recipes. A friend of mine made an enticing recipe for salt and vinegar kale chips recently as an entry in Adopt-a-gluten-free blogger, and it made me think. So kale chips could be flavored like potato chips, but without the potato and without all that deep frying. Hmmm… And then this last week I went to Safeway and found myself down the snack aisle with a growling, hungry stomach. Very bad. I found myself walking out with a bag of sweet onion balsamic vinegar potato chips. Salt and Vinegar with a twist! I ate some and liked them, but thought that they could be better if they were raw kale chips and dehydrated instead of fried. I took heart from my brave friends who had made vinegar kale chips before me, and went my own way with it. Some hours later, I had my own balsamic-sweet onion kale chips in a lovely bowl on the table, which I pressed on the DH. “Kale?” he protested. “Trust me,” I insisted. And so he did. And even my greens-hating DH had to admit, this recipe was pretty darned awesome. I knew it was a success when the Baby Yum, recovering from flu and a persnickety tummy, crammed the leaves in her mouth and reached for more. I hope you enjoy it too.

Look for my review of a packaged gluten-free, vegan kale chip company this Wednesday, and a recipe for an un-cheese dehydrated kale chip recipe this Friday. I plan on adding a “Mr. Linky” to Friday’s post, so get ready to share your favorite Kale recipes there!

Because there really aren’t enough days in the week, I thought I’d include my menu for the week as well.

Monday: Vegan
Roasted squash slices with vegan nutritional yeast gravy
Kale in tomato sauce
Gluten-free biscuits

Tuesday: Indian
Mongolian cauliflower and Chana masala
with rice and quinoa

Wednesday: Italian
Pasta with green pesto and broccoli

Thursday: Mexican
Tacos with refried beans, lettuce, homemade pico de gallo and guacamole
Kale with olives and capers

Friday: American
Arugula Salad with Portobella Mushrooms
Broccoli slaw
Baked potato wedges

Baked good of the week:
chocolate cherry cake with frosting

This menu was shared with Org Junkie and Gluten-free Smiles. The recipe was shared with Diane with Real Food Weekly

Balsamic Sweet Onion Dehydrated Kale Chip Recipe
1/2 large bunch of kale, or 1 small bunch of kale, deveined

1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
2 tsp olive oil
1 medjool date, pitted
1/2 sweet onion, chopped
1/2 tsp. salt (or more, to taste)

Needed equipment: dehydrator, food processor or blender

Rinse your kale leaves and spin dry in a salad spinner if you have it. Otherwise, pat dry with a paper towel.

Combine vinegar, oil, date, and onion in small food processor bowl or sturdy blender. Blend until you have a smooth sauce.

Put your kale leaves in a medium or large bowl and drizzle the sauce on your leaves. Massage it into them and then spread them out on two or three dehydrator trays. Sprinkle with salt. Dehydrate them on 115F for around 4 hours or until they are crunchy and dry, like delicious dried leaves. Yum Yum!

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18 Responses to “Welcome to Kale Week: Menu +Raw Balsamic Onion Kale recipe”

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  2. I’d love to hear more about the kale in tomato sauce! We love tomato sauce, pizza sauce, marinara sauce, etc. around here!

  3. Saving this recipe for sure! I just added a dehydrator to my wish list on amazon, and can hardly wait to get it!

  4. Welcome to the world of kale chips. Isn’t it amazing? One can become addicted. I’m amazed that it took me this long to find out how easy to make and delicious they are. Love your take on them. Will definitely give your recipe a run in my dehydrator! Nice job Sea!!!

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  6. Yum! I’m going to get kale today to make these :) we love kale chips, we just bake them with olive oil & sea salt & they get devoured quickly, so this will be a fun twist. Do you ever crush up the kale chips for toppings? With the boys, they usually end up crushed anyway so we started putting them on our salads- so, so tasty! Also, we throw chopped kale in our spaghetti and it’s great- I guess you could say we love it, too :)

  7. Ooh, I like the idea of kale chips on top of spaghetti! mmm!

    Hope you enjoy the recipe!


  8. I’ve never worked with Kale before, but if the little one likes it, how could I go wrong? Thanks for posting!

  9. Looks good! We officially love the normal kale for chips more than the dinosaur kale, if only because when we leave it in the dehydrator too long (oopsy) the dinosaur kind gets small but way-too-hard ribs. Maybe this recipe will be my next batch. Once the dehydrator is cleaned of tahini. So….

  10. I love vinegar and salt potato chips but I feel so guilty eating them. I can’t wait to eat these. I however don’t have a dehydrator. Would this work in an oven at that low temp for 4 hours too? The kale chips I’ve made before were at a higher heat and much shorter time but I think these would taste better. Thank you for sharing these on Real Food Weekly.

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  12. Hi Diane,
    I’ve not made them in the oven, but I’m sure you could make a recipe in the oven. It probably wouldn’t technically be a “raw” recipe because the temperature would likely be too high for that, but it would still be a healthy snack.

    Here is a forum where they discuss using an oven as a dehydrator:

    Basically you can put it on the lowest setting, preferably with a thermometer, and leave the door open 2-6 inches. If it is possible to get a fan involved, that would be cool, but it wouldn’t be practical for my kitchen.

    Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes. You could always blast it with heat and have a new recipe! Oh, also, I am not sure how long the recipe would take in the oven. I imagine it would take less than 4 hours, but you’ll just have to try it and let me know!


  13. I’ve been wanting to get a dehydrator…one more good reason. We get tons of kale at the CSA and we love kale chips (I make mine in the oven). I usually only ever sprinkle them with oil & salt but love the idea of adding balsamic vinegar.

  14. I love kale chips and have been on that bandwagon for a long time. Your sweet onion/mejool date mixture is brilliant. I can’t wait to try this one. Another thing I do is dehydrate kale when it’s in season and I’m getting tons of it from my CSA. I use it for backpacking food. I add it to soups and rice when out in the wilderness. It weighs nothing and gives my “instant” soups and camp dinners a huge nutrition boost.

    Great post, Sea!

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  17. Kristy Tillman Says:

    do you think you could freeze them so they’d stay crunchy longer if you make a big batch?

  18. LOVE the cute pics! Here expression is priceless! I will have to try this Kale recipe. If she likes greens, you should definitely try out my Szechuan Broccoli – you’ll love it!

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