Yum of the Week: Bubbies Mochi

mangobubbie.jpgAlmost a year ago in August of 2006 I first read about Bubbies Ice Cream Mochi at the Celiac Chicks Web Site. I was tempted, and very excited when I found them in Whole Foods, but because they were a bit pricey, I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. Sadly, even though the idea of ice cream wrapped in mochi (pounded sweet rice) came from Japan, I could never have them there because they always seemed to contain wheat flour. Luckily, the Hawaiian version from Bubbies was only made from rice flour. Somehow though, it wasn’t until today that I finally broke down and bought a box at our local Nob Hill grocery store. There are many flavors available at the Honolulu location, but here in Mountain View it seems we’re confined to passion fruit, chocolate, strawberry, espresso, vanilla and mango. I accidentally bought mango mochi, but when I tried it I was glad. A thin sheet of soft, slightly chewy mochi, a beautiful orange color, was wrapped around sweet vanilla ice cream, creating wonderful contrasts and flavors in the mouth. Mmmm mmm, tasty. It definitely qualified as a yum- and DH emphatically agreed when he tried one later. If you haven’t tried them yet, go for it- if you don’t mind a new, delicious summer dessert addiction, that is. As another poster at CeliacChicks commented, “It really makes being gluten free not that bad!” I couldn’t agree more. If there aren’t any stores selling Bubbies in the ice cream department in your area, never fear- you can order them online at Gourmet Food Mall. They were also featured in Oprah, Bon Appetite, and the New York Times. Personally, I’d give them an emphatic ten stars out of ten.

Enjoy a video of the Bubbies shop in Honolulu:

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