Yum of the Week: Scarlet Red Corn

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods seeking out some of the new Gluten Free Amy’s frozen products (reviews to follow) and found myself in the produce section, as I often do, when some beautiful, scarlet red corn cobs caught my eye. I’ve seen decorative corn with the same type of beautiful colors- but never corn that looked soft and juicy and tasty like this. I suspect it may be produced by Melissa’s, a produce company that grows many unique things. They have a page on red corn that explains that “this new variety is bright red when you peel the husk back. The cooking process actually changes the color of the kernels from red to blue and purple. Boiling this corn turns the kernels blue; microwaving turns the kernels purple, and roasting turns them maroon.” I couldn’t resist this vibrantly colored vegetable and ended up taking two home, planning to incorporate them in my Middle Eastern style cucumber-tomato salad. When I boiled the corn, I found that the kernels did turn an eerie bluish red color- but I was impressed by the depth of flavor that was somehow more interesting than the flat sweet crisp flavor of regular yellow or white corn. If you see one- definitely pick up one or two- they add a lot of visual appeal and great flavor to a simple salad. Gotta love these gorgeous mutant hybrid vegetables!

Here is Whole Foods’ page on sweet corn

Somewhat disappointingly, I couldn’t find information on the red corn on their site… But I always love browsing their produce for unusual items or even locally grown things. (Although you can’t beat the farmer’s market for the latter…)

Is there a Whole Foods NEAR YOU?


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